Whodat 2014 Info Coming Soon!

THANK YOU to everyone who made the festival a success in 2013! The rain could have been a bummer this time around, but all of you kept on playing in the rain and made it an event to remember!



Whodat Crowd Shot

Artists and Events

Coming Soon!


Bob's diddley bow2014 Skill Shares:

- Coming Soon!


Would you like to teach a skill, lead a discussion or share something at WhoDat? Please do!

Though these events are self-run and walk-in teachers will always be welcome, email info@whodatfestival.com in advance so that we can promote and prepare for your workshop. There are a limited number of slots!


Check back for updates here as more workshops are scheduled!

Getting Here

Doodad Farm sign
Doodad Farm
is  at 4701 Land Road, in Greensboro, NC (View a map), 10 minutes east of downtown Greensboro and right off  Interstate 40/Interstate 85 Business.

Take exit 226 on 40/85 Business, McConnell Road, and head south about 1/4 mile til you make a right on Hooting Hollow Road. Take the next right at Land Road, and continue to the end, where you’ll see a sign for Doodad Farm.

Parking is in a field: please allow someone to help you park when you arrive to minimize risk of damage to your or others’ property.

Carpooling is awesome and we strongly suggest it! Want to carpool? Post/request rides to WhoDat on our Facebook page.



What to Bring

Doodad Farm is a beautiful place, and, like many beautiful places, it is located outdoors. Bring what you need to have a good time! Below are some things we recommend you consider bringing.

What to Bring to WhoDat: (Essentials are in bold)
Put your name on any belongings that might get mixed up with other festival goers’ stuff!
- A designated driver or camping gear*
- **Cash money** (no checks/credit, sorry! $15-30 donation for entry + $ for food and art!)
- Beer/cooler
- Water bottle (we’ll have water)
- Any medical stuff you may need
- Closed-toe shoes
- Lawn chair
- Sun protection
- Dogs (Bring a leash and be prepared to clean up, please!)
- Musical instruments
- Plans & materials for your performance on the open stage
- Blank shirt for printing
- Materials for skill shares
- Flashlight
- Rain jacket
- Picnic supplies (food also will be available for purchase)
- Blanket or sleeping bag for daytime basking or stargazing

PEOPLE UNDER 18: Minors will need to have a parent or guardian present in order to gain entrance!

*Please bring what you need to take care of yourself, including camping gear or a designated driver if you plan to drink at this event. THERE’S NO EXCUSE FOR DRIVING INTOXICATED AT WHODAT, or anywhere!

What NOT to bring to WhoDat:

- WEAPONS of any kind
(If you are under 21, do not put yourself or us at risk by drinking alcohol at our event)
- FIREWORKS or plans to make FIRES or light candles
- GLASS bottles
- CANNED MUSIC (Why do that when there’s live music all weekend?)



Coming soon!


Awesome Stuff that will be sold  at WhoDat 2014:
- Coming Soon!

If you make or know people who make ETHICALLY PRODUCED, HAND-MADE art or other NON-FOOD, LOCALLY PRODUCED or SECOND-HAND objects/services, we are pleased to offer VERY affordable spaces at WhoDat to sell these goods. Please contact info@whodatfestival.com about selling your wares!

Please note that we do not provide electricity, shade, or lighting, so please plan to have a free-standing set-up with any materials you need, including battery-powered lights if you wish to remain open into the night.



Many questions can be answered on this page or by visiting:

-Whodat 2014 Facebook Page (Coming Soon)

-Doodad Farm Facebook Page

The best way to contact us is by email at info@whodatfestival.com. Please email us if you:

-Would like to volunteer
-Would like to do an art project in the space before the festival
-Want to lead a skill share
-Want to sell your artwork or crafts at the event
-Are interested in sponsoring this event
-Have questions or suggestions

If you have urgent questions, call Alex at (336) 254-1459.


WhoDat runs entirely on the enthusiasm of its supporters. Support WhoDat by sponsoring, donating, volunteering, and, most importantly by participating and sharing your talents! Are you interested in jumping in with us? Email info@whodatfestival.com to discover what is possible!

You wouldn’t believe what our volunteers can do with even a small donation. However, having major sponsors goes a long, long way towards being able to put on an event as epic as WhoDat.